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Acupuncture in Burlington | Migraine Treatment

Migraine treatment is important to those who suffer from them. If you experience consistent migraines and require treatment, we are the right team for you. Pain from migraines can present itself in many areas in the head and neck. Often, they stem from poor energy flow and circulation throughout your body. Our Burlington acupuncture team knows the correct process to combat the migraines.

How Does the Migraine Treatment Help?

Our professionals know the specific pressure points where the needles go. Often, a person’s back or neck is where pain and discomfort transmission slows down. Tackling the bad energy and circulation in your body is how we approach the process

Release Endorphines

Increase Circulation

Generates Positive Body Energy

Accurate and Precise Treatment

On top of the needle treatment, we offer massage therapy Burlington services. Pressure build up in the back and neck is common. Knowing how to properly release tension and discomfort is a speciality of ours. Sessions should be consistent depending on pain and discomfort levels. Our acupuncture team will develop their own plan for you based on the situation.


How Do We Help Our Clients?

Our team is goal driven with our clients. We treat every situation with care. Come to us for any of the below services if you require any treatment:

At PhysioLinks Rehab clinic, we are known for providing quality results. We have over 180 5-star reviews on Google for a reason. Our clientele appreciates the quality work we provide. If you are a new customer, contact us below!

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