Registered Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy focuses on soft tissue manipulation to enhance muscle performance and promote relaxation of the body’s nervous system. The goal of massage therapy is to restore and maintain optimal health and pain free function of the body. It is a natural form of therapy that promotes healing, circulation, and waste reduction in tissues.

Physiotherapy Co-management with PhysioLinks Massage Therapists

Physiotherapy treatments involve components of massage, stretching, therapeutic modalities, injury rehab and other important applications. PhysioLinks Rehab Clinic also recommends Sports massage, remedial massage and deep tissue massage to help improve recovery from various forms of injury and sports activities.

Physiotherapists uses multi-disciplinary approach with massage therapists to yield good results.

Our physiotherapists and PhysioLinks Rehab massage therapists know that each patient is different and so develop individualized treatment plans and therapy for patients based on their specific needs. In developing physiotherapy management plans, our PhysioLinks Rehab physiotherapists endeavour to help return patients to activity, work and sports in a safe and time effective manner. PhysioLinks Rehab provides the high quality manual therapy services with skilled and passionate physiotherapists.