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Lymphatic Drainage Massage Burlington

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Burlington | About This Massage

Our team at PhysioLinks Rehab Clinic focus on many ways to better your health. We understand the health risks that come from swelling and lack of bodily flow. The lymphatic drainage process is one that requires precision and care. There are many health risks associated with ignoring this. Our team encourages you to call us if you have swollen lymph nodes, brain fog, or other body conditions. Check our our other massage therapy services to determine the best for you!

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Used For?

Lymphatic drainage massage, is a massage technique for swelling relief in your arms and legs often caused by lymphedema. When affected, the lymph nodes in the lymphatic system can be painful. To prevent such pain, massage therapy is a strategy best suited for this issue.



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Our massage therapists use this massage to move lymph from your tissues to lymph nodes. which eases the swelling in your tissues. Lymph is the fluid left behind after your cardiovascular system directs blood to your tissues and organs. The remaining fluid, lymph, collects in arms and legs which causes swelling.


How Can You Benefit From This Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massages help prevent other conditions. Arthritis in your joints stems from muscle inflammation. Continuous massaging helps move the muscles and joints around to prevent this. When we are focusing on your lymph movement, we also help with arthritis occurrence. Blood flow and flexibility on your muscles is another area we focus on. If you receive one of our professional massages, we guarantee you feel a difference in your body.

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