Video-Physiotherapy Sessions

Virtual / Video – Physiotherapy Sessions

Call us at 905-335-3500 or email us at to book your virtual care appointment for physiotherapy today.

For patients with emergency care needs, or interested in Virtual Clinic/ tele-rehabilitation please refer to the information below for more details.

Technology requirements for virtual physiotherapy sessions:  You will require access to a computer, tablet or smart-phone with video / audio capability to receive an assessment or treatment.

Before your appointment, you will receive an appointment email with a link to enable both an audio and video connection between you and your therapist. 

Any documentation that you need to review and complete prior to your appointment will be sent to you ahead of time.

Existing Patients will need to fill out a consent form. New Patients will need to fill out additional forms as well as consent forms that will be emailed to you by your therapist prior to the tele-conference session.

Your physiotherapist will follow these steps during the virtual session:

  • Ask for your ID
  • Obtain consent to participate in the session via the electronic communication platform
  • Proceed with the assessment or treatment in a similar manner as for an in-person appointment

During the video physiotherapy sessions, the therapist will:

  • Take a complete history to provide an accurate diagnosis
  • Educate patients on their injury or condition
  • Assess range of motion and movements
  • Evaluate strength
  • Discuss treatment options and plans
  • Prescribe exercises and stretches – with supporting photos/videos
  • Provide and teach self joint mobilization techniques
  • Provide and teach self directed soft tissue treatment techniques
  • Discuss help pain management techniques – Ice/Heat, TENS etc.
  • Prescribe and order any equipment and get it delivered to you (i.e. braces, small exercise equipment, ambulatory aids, pain management modalities etc.)

These physiotherapy sessions are offered over a secure and private platform which complies with HIPPA (Health Information Privacy Protection Act) and PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documentation Act)

Please contact your extended health care provider to inquire about your coverage limits for virtual physiotherapy.