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Orthotic Clinic Near Me | How Does It Work?

At PhysioLinks Rehab, orthotic treatment is not the same for every client. There are a variety of approaches when dealing with orthotics. The first treatment is functional orthotics. are made from a plastic or carbon fibre type of material. This specific orthotic eases foot aches and strains as well as pain in the legs, thighs, and lower back. These types of pain stems from the improper alignment of your feet. If ignored, the problem worsens and you're looking at other types of pain.

There are also accommodative orthotics which are a more softer compression material. These target a specific area that may contain sore or uncomfortable spots. The cushioning in the orthotics help with the area of pain and reduce further discomfort.


What Do Orthotics Treat?

Orthotics is a prescribed medical device for treating foot problems. There are many foot issues patients face in their lifetime. Some of which consist of walking, standing, or running. These restrictions can be cured through the use of Orthotics.

Foot Pain

Alignment / Support

Standing Issues

Walking / Running

How Can We Help Your Foot Issues?

If you are experiencing any feet issues, give us a call. Even if the situation is precautionary, it's better to get a professional opinion. This way, we can troubleshoot over the phone and see what services you need. If you have pain while standing, running, or walking, orthotics treatment may be needed. We treat every client with care and want your health back to normal! We are a top-rated orthotic clinic near me in Burlington.

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