COVID-19 Safety

We are pleased to announce that we are re-opening the clinic gradually and carefully for in-person visits from June 1st onwards.

We welcome all new and returning patients!

PhysioLinks Rehab will be offering Physiotherapy, Chiropractic care, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy. We have created a set of safety measures and guidelines to ensure and implement a safe environment.

What to expect when visiting our clinic for therapy

Patient Expectations

For your own safety and everyone’s around you, we ask you to follow these guidelines upon your visits:

  • Book appointments before coming to the clinic
  • If you are feeling ill or experiencing any symptoms please call us to cancel or reschedule your appointment
  • Wear face masks (even a home-made cloth mask will do)
  • Wash your hands with soap and water/ Use hand sanitizer before and after your treatment
  • Minimize belongings and accompanying family members (except where assistance may be required)
  • Arrive on-time and if you are early wait in your car
  • Credit/ Debit cards as preferable method of payment
  • Wear appropriate clothing for treatment based on the area of injury

Staff Expectations

As per the advisory of College of Physiotherapists of Ontario we have set up new protocols to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. Some of the safety measures that we have taken include:

  • Keeping both patient and staff safety in mind while providing the same quality care as we always have
  • Pre-screening patients for any symptoms and limiting the number of patients in the clinic at any point of time
  • Staff will be wearing proper PPE including face mask and gloves which will be changed between patients
  • Multiple hand sanitizing stations and promote proper hand hygiene for staff and patients
  • We will continue to offer virtual and/or telephone consultations as an option for patients seeking physiotherapy services

Clinic Expectations

  • Frequent disinfecting the high touch surfaces and equipment after each patient
  • Installation of plexi-glass barrier at the reception and floor markings to direct patient flow and ensure that social distancing is maintained
  • Increased distance between treatment areas
  • Implementation of a reduced number of scheduled staff and patients inside our facility at a time

Booking options

For booking appointments and follow-up visits:

Call us: 905-335-3500

Email us:

Paperwork options

When booking your assessment, we will be giving you a few options as to how you want to proceed with filling in your paperwork

Option 1

Receive your paperwork through email, print it out, and fill in the required documents. You can proceed to fax it back to our clinic before your appointment or you can bring it with you to the clinic when you come in for your appointment.

Option 2

Receive your paperwork through email and fill it out on your computer/laptop/tablet. You can proceed to email the documents back to us before your appointment or you can bring it with you to the clinic when you come in for your appointment

Option 3

If both Option 1 and Option 2 do not work for you. We will hand you the paperwork required when you come in to the clinic for your assessment. We will proceed to make sure that all hygienic and social distancing measures are implemented by promoting the use of hand sanitizers, facial masks, and encouraging social distancing protocols.