What is the Cost For Physiotherapy?

Cost For Physiotherapy

Cost For Physiotherapy | What We Factor In

There are many components to our pricing system here at PhysioLinks Rehab. To keep it brief, here is a list of our costs:

  • Initial Assessment - $95
  • Initial Assessment & Treatment - $130
  • Physiotherapy Treatment - $75
  • Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy - $75
  • Virtual Physiotherapy - $75

We have these listings as fixed prices. Our team of quality professionals know our services are the best in the industry. Our main physiotherapist Mandeep Virk is listed in the top-3 physiotherapists in the entire Halton Region. If you have any questions about anything, contact us.

Physiotherapy Burlington | Cost Breakdown

Although there are many things influencing our costs, we keep the majority of the best physiotherapy Burlington costs stagnant. We want to specify that some injuries or situations may be more severe than others. Meaning, it will take more sessions to reach our ultimate goal. Rehabbing a torn ligament is a different process than a sore hamstring, for example. We encourage all sorts or injuries and discomforts to our clinic. Some of the main factors in our fixed pricing costs are:

Labour Costs


Specialty Services

Program Planning

The cost of physiotherapy Burlington varies depending on the severity of your injury. Also, the type of treatment required from our physiotherapists is important to note. The more labour intensive job may be more down the road. Yet, we do have fixed prices for our services. We encourage you to stick to the plan our professionals create. The cost per session will always remain the same and are based around availability.

Cost For Physiotherapy

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